Lesson 4: Introduction

Now we will talk about the market. The PnF indicators are our main tools for assessing risk in the market place. In this chapter a number of the different indicators will be reviewed. In this section you will get answers to many investment questions. How does one determine when risk is high or low? When do I lock in some profits? What are some strategies for managing risk? You will be able to assess the risk in the market and how best to take advantage or protect yourself accordingly. P&F Craftsman Tip

Knowing which team is on the field - offense or defense - will always keep you operating from the correct playbook to manage risk in the markets.

Lesson 4 Contents:
Part 1: Bullish Percents   Part 2: Other Indicators
  Attributes of a Bullish Percent Chart
NYSE Bullish Percent
OTC Bullish Percent
Optionable Bullish Percent
    10 Week Moving Average
High Low Index
Dow Jones Corporate Bond Average

Test yourself at the end of the chapter to sharpen your skills.