Lesson 6 Introduction

You've taken almost all the steps necessary in preparing yourself for launch. You've read Point & Figure Charting 3rd Edition and you've finished the first five lessons with flying colors we'll assume! Now it's time to turn our attention to more management philosophies or the actual implementation of the methodology.

The beauty of the Point & Figure methodology is that it is not a black box. It is a powerful set of tools that with the right instruction and practice can produced a wide of array of successful portfolios. For instance, let's say you are planning a family vacation to Italy. Most people would begin to research the areas of interest for their family - what type of accommodations made the most sense, what areas should we visit, how should we travel there, etc.? No two families' routes will be exactly the same but both can have a wonderful vacation.

Investors goals and objectives will vary but in general I think all investors are looking for one thing - a system that guides to the buy when the odds are in their favor and sell when the odds are no longer in their favor. This methodology forces us to do just that - listen to the market and take the appropriate action. The best way to improve your skills in the methodology and gain confidence is no different than any sport or hobby - the more you do the better you get. So with that in mind, we wanted to focus Lesson 6 on bringing the principles you've learned together through a series of exercises.

Let's get started!