Lesson 2: Introduction

This chapter concentrates on the basic buy and sell signals for all PnF charts and pattern development. First we will show how supply and demand control the movement of the chart and how these signals are created. Then we will describe the different patterns and how they develop. Every chart develops a pattern which tells a story. It is through the understanding of these patterns that we can analyze a chart. Here are the basics. P&F Craftsman Tip:

Different markets will see different patterns emerge. For example, the triangle pattern tends to form in markets that are gyrating sideways, searching for a trend.

Lesson 2 Contents:
Part 1: Chart Patterns   Part 2: Price Objectives
  Battle between supply and demand
Double Top/Double Bottom
Triple Top/Triple Bottom
Catapult formations
Triangle formations
Spread Triple Tops

Shakeout formations
Signal Reversed Patterns

    Vertical Price Objective
Bullish Vertical Count
Bearish Vertical Count

Horizontal Price Objective
Bullish Horizontal Count

Bearish Horizontal Count
Price Objectives with different box sizes.
Calculations through changing box sizes.

Test yourself at the end of the chapter to sharpen your skills.