Lesson 1 Resources:

The Dorsey, Wright & Associates website, www.dorseywright.com, provides a variety of resources to you in the Point & Figure methodology. Here are just some of the tools available on the website covered in this lesson:
  • Historical Point & Figure charts on almost 7,000 stocks and over 15,000 mutual funds

  • Previous day's action on the chart is color coded green for X's and red for O's. (This makes it easy to check your own charting skills!)

  • Intraday action on the Point & Figure chart is color coded blue.

  • Customize the scale of your Point & Figure chart using the SmartChart™ function.

  • Ability to add a "grid" to the Point & Figure chart to make charting by hand a snap.

  • Ability to sort for stocks that have reversed up to X's or down to O's on their Point & Figure chart within a specified period of time.

  • Ability to search for stocks based upon certain technical criteria including trend, either positive or negative.

  • Search for stocks that violated their bullish support line or bearish resistance lines within a user defined period of time.