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Lesson 1: Introduction

Here we go!
This chapter is designed to familiarize you with Point and Figure Charts, we call these "attributes" in this University. For those that are familiar with PnF and have used it in their investment research, you will know most of these terms and concepts. However, it is good for a review as terms used in this chapter will be repeated throughout the University. This chapter does include vital information for basic charting and it shouldn't be skipped over as it is a foundation for the following chapters. Chapter 1 is the base and each chapter following is an essential component in understanding the big picture, how to put it all together. One cannot understand the whole without knowing the parts.
P&F Craftsman Tip:

Chart your top 20 holdings by hand each day to gain confidence in the methodology.

Lesson 1 Contents:
Part 1: Attributes of a Chart   Part 2: Chart Basics
Box Scales
Dates and date lines
Numbers and letters for the months
    Three box reversal
Box scale tables
Flow chart of investing
Examples of how to chart
Support Lines
Part 3:  Trend Lines       
  Bullish Support Line
Bearish Resistance Line

Test yourself at the end of the chapter to sharpen your skills.