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DWA is dedicated to the education of investors in the Point & Figure Methodology. Now you can learn one of the simplest yet truest forms of technical analysis easily, with the combination of the print edition of Point & Figure Charting Fourth Edition by Tom Dorsey and this supplemental website. The PnF University lessons are designed to be taken after reading the appropriate chapter or chapters in Point & Figure Charting Fourth Edition. Throughout the PnF University, your progress and overall understanding will be evaluated and tracked with assistance in areas of weakness. By the completion of this interactive University, you will have an important technical analysis tool to enhance your investments and portfolio performance. Sit back, relax, and enter the world of Point & Figure charting.

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DWA Global Online University
Continue your journey in becoming a Point & Figure craftsman with the DWA Global Online University. A variety of self study classes are offered from Point & Figure basics to Bullish Percents to Sector Rotation. Each class incorporates a variety of different learning mediums from reading assignments, online exercises, video lectures by Tom Dorsey and other analysts from Dorsey, Wright & Associates, comprehensive tests, and a forum for asking questions directly to Dorsey, Wright & Associates. Stay abreast of offerings at the DWA Global Online University by enrolling at www.dwaglobaluniversity.com

How to use this University:
Navigation: Located on the left hand side are the Lesson buttons. Start with Lesson One and work your way through to the last lesson available. Each lesson progresses into the next, it is important to finish one lesson before continuing to the next.
Tests: At the end of each lesson there is a brief test covering the materials in that particular lesson. These tests use the internet to access DWA and process your answers determining any weak areas to be reviewed again. If you do not have internet access while doing the test you can link to and print an answer sheet.
Exercises: A section that provides additional exercises to sharpen your skills.
Resources: The Dorsey, Wright & Associates website is designed to assist the novice to the expert Point & Figure craftsman in their analysis. This section will provide you with a taste of the vast offerings from www.dorseywright.com that correspond to each particular Lesson's area of emphasis.
History: A History of Point and Figure Charting, how it began and examples.
Glossary: Description of terms used in the University are available here.
Anecdotes: This section will provide you with some interesting articles written about the psychology of investing. Many of life's lessons can also be applied to investing.
Help: The one word that best describes Dorsey, Wright & Associates is education. There are a plethora of different educational opportunities afforded to you. Learn more about these resources under the Help link.

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