The one word that best describes Dorsey, Wright & Associates is education. There are a plethora of different educational opportunities afforded to you. Below is a little more information about these references.

What books are available by Dorsey, Wright & Associates and Tom Dorsey?
Point & Figure Charting, 4th Edition
Tom Dorsey's Trading Tips
Thriving As a Stockbroker in the 21st Century
Commodity Strategies,High-Profit Techniques for Investors and Traders
Keep Pedaling Zen Farmer: Dorsey, Wright Essays on Investing
Finding Religion Among the Rapids: Dorsey, Wright Essays on Investing
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Where else on the Internet might I find more information about Point & Figure charting?
Dorsey, Wright & Associates makes available for free a weekly Podcast which can be accessed by going to iTunes. We cover a variety of different topics on the Podcast including educational information about the methodology, discussions of the current markets, reviews of stocks featured on financial TV networks, commodities, ETFs, options and much more.

I've heard about the two-day Point & Figure Institutes. How can I find out more information?
The two-day Point & Figure Institute for lack of a better word is a boot camp in the methodology. We ask that all attendees have read the book so that we can hit the ground running the first day. The session is taught by all the analysts at Dorsey, Wright & Associates and covers not only the fundamentals of the methodology but the implementation. These Institutes are usually only held a couple of times a year. For clients, we post the sign-ups in our daily reports as new classes are scheduled.

I would like to know if Dorsey, Wright & Associates has a service that gives us the charted Point figure charts and bullish percentage indicator or recommendations based the indicators?
Yes, we do offer a technical charting service along with research reports. You can sign up for a free three-week trial by going to There is a choice of either signing up as an individual or a professional. Choose the one that applies to you.

Is there a website guide for Dorsey, Wright & Associates?
We have several resources for using the Dorsey, Wright & Associates website. Once logging in for a trial, or as a client, go to the Education Tab. From there, you will see a number of online tutorials. As well, there is a PDF file called the "Website Guide" that will give you an overview of some of the more important links.

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